Connexus - La Trobe

Bayshann partners with La Trobe University to release the Connexus Student Engagement Platform.

Building on a partnership that started earlier in 2015 with the release of the MyGrants research management application, the first phase of Connexus has been made available to students who will be offered a place at La Trobe in 2017.

The Connexus Student Engagement Platform incorporates all aspects of student acquisition, engagement, retention and employability. Bayshann’s ability to deliver the first phase in 12 weeks through an in depth understanding of the higher education sector was pivotal in delivering value quickly.

“Offering an engaging student experience is fundamental to La Trobe University’s student success strategy” says La Trobe Executive Director and Chief Information Officer Peter Nikoletatos.

“This is an exciting and innovative initiative for La Trobe, as we celebrate our 50-year anniversary in 2017. Bayshann had done much of the thinking in developing what we believe is a really innovative and adaptable solution. We are well placed to deliver  the second phase, which will provide a transformative experience to all students in early 2017.”

The Connexus Student Engagement Platform is a cloud based solution, designed with the close involvement of students, marketers and higher educational professionals. It makes use of the latest digital technologies and information in both University systems and public data sources, to deliver a highly personalised and engaging experience. Students can access the Connexus Platform through native apps or responsive websites, on any device. The intelligence of the platform will provide Universities with valuable insights to take proactive action.